Classic Brown Leather Journal

Regular price Rs. 850.00

A bespoke leather journal with handmade paper for those who love everything vintage. The paper is directly sewn on to the leather jacket which allows the book to be flexible. The unique quality of genuine leather is that it ages according to finger print and hand texture of its owner...not to mention it looks better with ageing!

The paper in this book is handmade with cotton rags and jute fibre. Truly an old world charm, this book makes the perfect gift for a dear one (or yourself).

No. of Pages: 140 | Size: A5 |  Paper: Handmade Cotton + Jute | Leather: Genuine oil pull up | Binding style: Longstitch

P.S. Minor marks, colour variations are characteristic of genuine leather. Kindly do not regard it as a defect.



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