Never leave home without a sketchbook

Never leave home without a sketchbook

"I live in alternate realities, am fascinated by the way the world works, and never leave home without a sketchbook. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and believe in learning by doing. Good writing and beautiful old buildings fill me with a sense of wonder. I love to swim, go on long walks, observe bugs, and read anything from absolute trash to themes of sexuality, gender, world cultures, and human behavior, most of which, often seep into my work as a designer.

But whether it is hiking, Indian history, or gender and sexuality, I always draw what I feel. I used to hoard sketchbooks, and yet I was afraid to use them and ‘spoil’ them. A month of rigorous and continuous life drawing, and an encouraging professor in my first semester of college changed that. I got a glimpse of what practice could do and I never quite stopped.
A shield during awkward dinner parties, a tool to slow down, observe, and something to remember the world in. Sketching is my motivation to see more of the world and I see far better when I draw.

I never really leave home without a sketchbook and it was only natural for me to carry one with me during my last trek, which was the Rupin Pass Trek.
I had recently bought the Kaagazi watercolour sketchbook and decided to take it along. Sun, hail or snow, sketching never stopped and I don’t think the cold bothered me at all, while I was painting. It is only when the drawing stops, that the cold hits you!
This sketchbook has also gone with me to the top of the Afarwat Mountain in Kashmir and down to backwaters of Allepey as well
I like to finish my sketches wherever I sketch them, down to colouring and writing. This way i usually get to keep the unadulterated 'feels' that I feel at that moment and place.

I like to keep bits of paper, tickets, or fallen leaves or even dead bugs that I find.
Doing stupid things like climbing to the edge of a cliff for the view, or sitting on a freezing mountain top to capture the first rays of the sun or forgetting that you are in the way of a group of yaks while sketching, ‘just to fill a page in my journal’ are really worth it.”

- Ishita Jain
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  • Akash Goenka

    Kudos Ishita! I resonate with the fact that sketching out an amazing view is the only way to really absorb it rather than just taking a picture.

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