Agents of change

Agents of change

There are times in the day or days in time that I feel like hiding behind the sofa from monstrous thoughts that lurk in dark alleyways of abundantly lit newsrooms. I find myself deeply disturbed when listening to prime time news or sifting through the newspaper. I have developed such aversion to these malicious encounters that I quit watching tv and newspapers only mean "papier mache" to me.

While daydreaming under the shower or on the commode of my Ahmedabad apartment, I often think about our daily consumption of thoughts. Do thoughts have taste? Can we swallow thoughts? Are we allergic to certain thoughts or have some favourites? Can we have an appetite for thoughts? Do thoughts give us nutrition or affect our growth? Are some thoughts more beneficial for us than others? The more I chewed on the thought of thoughts, the better I could taste it, devour it and even digest it!

As a matter of fact, I digested this thought so much that it has become a part of my body, my being. I feel like I have just worked out the math for the age old saying "What we think, we become" Well, Quad Erat Demonstrandum!

All I am trying to say is that when we consume stale news, marinated in malevolence, spruced with anger and the one that tastes like becomes a part of us and its daily consumption becomes our psyche. The result is that we distrust our friends, find our neighbourhoods unsafe or sound like Arnab Goswami while scolding our kids. 

While we might be waking up to a lemon in warm water everyday, we are also waking up to theft, rapes, malpractices, fraud, scams, crashes, war and terrorism. How are we to detox our system from hours of negative media? By consuming the good media, of course. By handpicking every ingredient in our news, checking its nutrition information or expiry date before changing the conversational diet!

Our world, our country, our neighbourhood is full of big/small acts of heroism. Why not focus on these #agentsofchange? Why not take our national conversation to a whole new level? Why not begin an era of positive reporting? Why not ignore that politician who said something silly and disgraceful? Why not talk of our real heroes, our talented musicians, our brave men & women, our good samaritans, our friendly neighbourhoods?

As young adults, with the Herculean weight of being "Tomorrow's Leaders" on our shoulder, I beseech the people media and its consumers alike, I beg you to STOP this madness. With joint palms and a heart full of hope, I request you all the be #agentsofchange, change the conversation and change the game!

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