How it all started?

Kavya Agrawal, Founder & Director
The year 2011, I had a naive dream of starting my own business. My then guide Professor Tarundeep Girdher had asked me a very important question, "So how will you do it?"
The idea of Kaagazi came in bits and pieces during my student days at National Institute of Design and started shaping up during the classroom projects. By the time I graduated in 2013, Kaagazi Collaborative was already registered as a company.
The last decade has been full of hard work, tears, sweat, joy, excitement, accomplishment and an overall personal development for me. As I shape my brand, my brand in turn is shaping me. I aim to lead a creatively satisfying that is dotted with spells of inspiration and also, has room for failure.
A thorough desh-premi at heart, I believe that my land is full of challenges as well as opportunities. Young India with its educated youth, is looking at a future far more tolerant, innovative, empathetic and humane. With Kaagazi, I simply wish to do my part by helping people record their ideas, create original content and be agents of change in their own career paths.