Image Upload Checklist

If you are using our service to upload & print images, please make sure:

1. You are the Creator or have written authorisation to upload content. Please read our Customisation Policy for further details.

2. File size does not exceed 25 MB.

3. Artwork is in .png, .pdf & .jpg format only.

4. Artwork is uploaded in single colour preferably and does not contain any watermarks.

5. Resolution is greater than 100 dpi.

6. Make sure that the artwork is converted to outlines before exporting and does not contain any lines finer than 0.75 pixels. If you are unsure about your artwork, please write to us for further assistance.

7. Please be aware that your uploaded content will be printed in single colour foil and not exceed the width of 5cms in print. Extra charges may be applicable for printing larger artworks, please write to us for a quote.


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