Allen Shaw: Diving Deep

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Allen dives deep into the world of introspection with this watercolour illustration.

Ideal for: Gifting, Trips, Daily sketching, Brushpen, Sketch pens, Pencil, watercolour practice, charcoal and all types of water based pens

Unruled | Paper Type: Cartridge 120 gsm | No. of pages: 84 | Size: 8"x4.8"

About cartridge paper: 
Cartridge paper got a badass name as it was originally used in the manufacture of shotgun shells. It later became to hot favourite of artists around the world due to its versatile nature. From origami, collage, watercolour, charcoal to ink pen ...there is hardly any medium that cartridge doesn't support. Non intimidating paper and lovely texture, cartridge can also be used for writing.