A6 Square Grid Book
A6 Square Grid Book

A6 Square Grid Book

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Pocket Friendly Grid Book with 0.5cm Square Grid. Great for quick notes. drawings, design iterations, travel, rough sketches, making lists & planning projects. Handcrafted in India, the book cover is manually screen printed. The grid itself is printed in fine light grey lines so that it doesn't interfere while scanning, photocopying and can be photoshopped out of the drawing, if required.

This book is also available as a Cartesian Set of 3 Dot, Square & Isometric Grid. However, personalisation is only available on Individual books.

0.5 cm Square Grid | Size: A6 105x148 cm | No. of Pages: 96 pages | Cover: Screen Printed  300 gsm| Paper: Natural Shade Writing Paper /80gsm

Ideal for:  Quick notes, Quick Sketches, Trips, Design Iteration, Planning Projects, Scale Drawings and Lists

Please note that minor irregularities are in print are part of the screen printing process and should not be treated as a defect.

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