Blue Ikat Sketchbook

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Covered in Handwoven Ikat cloth and complimenting end bands, this notebook is the perfect gift for someone who likes to write with different inks. The hard binding and cloth together provide the book a sturdy exterior and it remains as good as new even after heavy usage.

Unruled | No. of pages: 100 | Size: A5 | Binding: Hardbound with cloth | Paper: Superwhite Cartridge | 

Ideal for: Calligraphy, ink pens, sketchpens, alcohol markers, gel pens 

What is Superwhite Cartridge? How is it different from regular cartridge?
This is a form of drawing cartridge with a super white tint (unlike the yellowish tint of regular cartridge). Due to its making process, the surface is slightly glossy and does not have the same absorbency as regular cartridge. That being said, Superwhite Cartridge is perfect for mediums that glide  and require lesser friction such as calligraphy or ink pens, quick flourishes, sketch pens etc.